An indicator of the effectiveness of our workshop here is what people have said...

Your presentation relating to stress and how to understand and (more importantly) cope with it was right on point. You provided us with information based on your knowledge, research, and personal insight, which will allow us to deal with the situations we find ourselves in daily for which we were not previously prepared. The interpersonal interaction that you encouraged during the session was administered in a professional and caring way. The tools you left us with will enable us to free ourselves of many of the symptoms of stress that is inherent in the fast-paced, tension-filled world of accounting. We highly recommend your program to other businesses who find themselves in the "pressure cooker" from time to time. Its powerful message will have a lasting impact on all in attendance and is sure to create a healthier environment within their offices.

Joel Zolondek, CPA, Zolondek, Strassels, Greene & Freed PC

The overall program was rated as excellent. We wish it could have been longer.

Attendees CME program Arrowhead Hospital

It was excellent! In addition to being provided with valuable information and well-illustrated Power Point slides, we were provided with entertainment as well. As for the concepts presented, I was able to resolve a personal situation that had been stressful and unsettled for some time. Your program would be well received by both professional and non-professional participants. I feel that this program would benefit the members of any organization, especially members of the legal profession. I would strongly urge you to contact the State and County Bar Associations to discuss the possibility of including your program in a CLE course.

Richard Bellah, Attorney, Bellah & Harrian

Thank you so much for delivering your presentation on Leadership Techniques. Your presentation was extremely well planned and your knowledge was clearly evident to all in attendance. Your ability to engage the audience in active participation and interaction certainly enhanced your presentation. Several of the doctors were so engaged in this new information sharing, that they were willing to stay after to even ask more in-depth questions. Everyone rated this presentation in the excellent range.

Jan Baum, CME Coordinator, John C. Lincoln Health Network

I want to compliment you on the outstanding program you presented. My wife, Nancy, expressed a similar opinion so you appealed to both professionals and non-professions.

Robert E. Kravetz, M.D., Phoenix, Arizona

Parks Healthcare would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the exceptional seminar you prepared and executed for our employees. This cultural benefit will be felt for many months to come. The timing of your seminar came at a junction in our growth and development in which there was a real need for relaxation and dealing with stress and anger management. Thank you for your time and insights.

Sue E. Parks, R.N., M.S., President, Parks Healthcare Inc.

Excellent opportunity for personal development. I suggest that this program be included/added to the professionalism course requirement.

Great seminar!

Wonderful presentation and suggestions. More seminars like this. Is there a part 2?

Members of the Maricopa County Bar Association participating in the Continuing Legal Educational Program on Stress and Anger Management, Maricopa Bar Association

This was a fantastic lecture. I hope we can have a follow-up lecture from Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Heller.

Excellent presentation. Understandable and usable knowledge.

Another lecture please. Very good. Presentation presented in an enjoyable, informative way. Many practical ideas were given.

This was time well spent. Very professional presentation!

Participants in John C. Lincoln Health Network Senior Citizen Seminar Program

Dr. Lewis Heller is a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has over twenty years of clinical experience and has used holistic health care techniques in his practice for over sixteen years. His training includes work with Deepak Chopra and other well-known practitioners in holistic health care. Dr. Heller’s experience includes Medical Directorship and Vice President of Medical Affairs at two Arizona hospitals, as well as Chief Medical Officer of a medical management organization in Phoenix. Dr Heller has used the Stress Management Principles and Techniques to lead the medical management company in scoring 100% during their URAC Accreditation process in July of 2003.

Dr. George Goldberg is a board certified Neurologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, Certified Hypnotherapist, who has over twenty-five years of clinical experience. He has served on numerous committees and is a past chief of staff of a Phoenix based hospital. Currently Dr. Goldberg is a medical consultant to state and federal government.

We have worked with thousands of people and have received the highest ratings for the type of work that we do. We enjoy working with individuals as well as large groups. Whether you are looking for personal advancement or for programs for large groups, we would be more than happy to assist you!

Lewis A. Heller, MD, MBA, CH

George D. Goldberg, MD, CH