Successful Test Taking



Teaching Excellence-Teaching Smart Kids

Many studies have been done about the perception of the instructor to the intelligence of the student and the results from this perception. It is my belief that if the instructor is convinced that they are teaching extremely smart students their way of teaching will change. Because of this change, the end result in educational gain for the student can be greatly enhanced. If in our mind as an instructor we feel that every student is a genius and we teach them as if they are many times the student will themselves improve their ability to learn. It is my hope that every instructor worldwide will take the small amount of time necessary to listen to the session regularly. Instead of changing our educational system to dumb it down for the student, this session could have us raising the bar to greater heights. It is my belief that every student can learn if so encourage.

Instant Stress Relief - Free Audio

This is one of my favorite sessions. This is a session that any person can use. Removing excess stress from your life can have monumental results. This is a beginning point to many of our future sessions the results of which can provide a life free of past and future stress. Knowing that you have this tool at your disposal can give you a newfound confidence in your career, your family life, in fact your entire life. I hope you enjoy this session for the rest of your life as my gift to you

Reducing Stress to Regain Your Life

This session while similar to many of my other stress reduction sessions, this one in particular deals with us stress levels beyond the norm. When a person stress level begins to affect their entire life and starts to have affects on their health it is time for a stronger measure to be taken. Many times a highly stressful job, school, or personal relationships, can create an environment where a person feels that they can no longer cope with the level of stress they are feeling. Too often I have seen this create health issues that can be easily rectified by identifying the area of stress that is creating their issue and finding ways of reducing or eliminating the cause. I have seen serious health issues completely disappear once this factor is under control. This is serious medicine and not one to be taken lightly the mind many times tells us that what we are experiencing has to change. Mind-body science is exploring this daily. It is my goal to help you get through the stressful times and emerge a happier person in the future.

Results Not Typical

In this recession I talk about how my sessions can provide results to you that are far beyond your wildest expectations. It begins with an explanation on how your mind is far more powerful than you can imagine. It can provide you with a newfound confidence in what you are capable of achieving. The only thing that I ask in return is the ability to contact you via e-mail to see if the session has provided the desired result. Thank you for listening

Higher Self - Finding Your True Purpose

This is one of my favorite sessions of all times. Many have dreams, many feel emptiness inside, and many more feel unfulfilled. Most people fall into the rat race that is our society and never have the opportunity to find out what they are truly good at or what they should be doing that would provide them with the ultimate feeling of purpose. For me, is helping as many people as I humanly can and thus I started creating sessions such as this because it is the way that I can reach and help the most people. This could be you, living your dream, and having the greatest feeling in the world.

Self Confidence

Many times I find that a person has a lack of confidence in their own ability and this is what is holding them back from the many achievements they are capable of obtaining. On several of these occasions their lack of confidence is due to something that has had a devastating effect on them in their past. Maybe it was an embarrassing moment or a time where they were not as prepared as they should've been. Through this recorded session we will identify what is holding them back, nullify it, and help them to achieve the confidence they need to begin a new life where nothing is keeping them from achieving their dreams. I truly hope that you see the results that you are capable of achieving after you have listened to this recorded session.

Lewis Heller and Sam Meranto Double Session

In this somewhat impromptu hypnosis session, myself and longtime hypnotist Sam Meranto, did a joint session covering a vast array of self-improvement areas. We felt that the end result provided Sam's 50+ years of experience along with my 20+ years of experience and medical knowledge into one amazing recording. If you've ever heard the song dueling banjos, this is equivalent using straight hypnosis. I truly hope that you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime session. Sam and I have been talking about doing this for over 15 years and we finally completed it.

Daily Confidence Power Boost

This recording is to be used in conjunction with the self-confidence full session. Many times life does not allow us the time to do a full session. This is a very quick session to bring us back to the level of confidence we gained from the full session. This can be used daily in less than 5 or 10 minutes and when used daily can be a remarkable tool. I hope you enjoy.

Total Focus

I have one patient that believes this recorded session is one of the best I've ever done. In this world of multitasking is becoming harder and harder to stay focused on the task at hand and in many time by not staying focused it is hard to achieve superior results that were capable of achieving. With this recording I help you to teach your mind how to stay focused regardless of what is going on around you and how to bring yourself back to the important task at hand even when we’re constantly interrupted. If you have the desire to be an over achiever this session is for you. When we are young many of us have no problem tuning out the problems of the outside world to stay focused on the task at hand. The unfortunate truth that in today's world of technology that focus is getting way to multitasking. This session will help you to regain the level of focus you had in the past and will help you to achieve your goals.

Total Focus - Daily Power Boost

This session is to be used in conjunction with the total focus full session. Many times we only have a few minutes daily to regain our composure and our focus. This session, in the less than 10 minutes, will help you to refocus your attention and bring back many of the tools that you learn, subconsciously, in the full session. When you are experiencing a multitude of interruptions this quick session can help you to refocus. I hope you enjoy this as part of the total focus program.

Encouraging Positive Thoughts

We live in a very negative world were bad news sells and good news is normally hidden. This session helps you to bring back many of the positive feelings that you have had throughout your life. This is a good way to start your day and also a good session to utilize you are having a tough day. Similar to a stress reduction session only with a very positive twist, most of my patients using this session will end with a big smile and feeling rejuvenated. I truly hope you enjoy this High Point to your day.

Being A Winner

For many people, beyond the need for confidence, is the need to feel that we deserve the best that life has to offer. This being said, the session is designed to help you feel deserving of these blessings and am strong in the belief that you can achieve it. For a variety of reasons, sometimes the way we were raised, we have the weekend belief structure in our subconscious mind that will hold us back until we can change that portion of our subconscious belief. At the conclusion of the session you will feel not only confident but to the point of entitled to have success.

Stress-free Successful Test Taking

For many students the thought of taking a test is more stressful than the test itself. Anxiety in many cases can have a direct influence in a lesser test result. By removing the stresses and anxiety that accompanies the process many times students will have a far better recall of the information they are being tested on in class. The goal of this session is to remove the anxiety, increase their focus, and to increase their recall of the information that they know but have a hard time remembering due to the anxiety of the active testing. This session has worked in multiple sessions from primary to secondary to graduate and postgraduate studies, from special education to accelerated honors courses. Coupling this session with the daily for test taking I find the results from my personal studies to be very encouraging and enlightening.

Daily Power Boost- Stress-free Successful Test Taking

This session is designed to be used as often as daily to help reduce the stresses of test taking. Used in conjunction with the full session, this is a quick and easy way to enhance this process for daily use.

Mind Power For Students

As the previous recording above was to enhance the mindset of the instructor, this session is designed to enhance the mindset of the student. Too often our students feel defeated before they even start. By removing this feeling from the subconscious mind and adding their desire to excel, the results I have seen from my small testing have been phenomenal. When we enhance the mindset of the instructor and then in turn enhance the mindset of the student, plus remove all of the anxieties and stresses from the learning process, it is amazing what the human mind can achieve. In addition, giving the student a thirst for learning, a desire for the unknown, and the confidence to achieve what they are capable of, we can greatly enhance the entire learning process from preschool to produce graduate studies and beyond

Restful Sleep

This is probably one of my most sought after sessions. I am amazed how many people call me regularly because they cannot get a restful night sleep. Our world has created a lot of this with our multitasking environments and the inability of our minds to be able to switch off our daily activities. Using this session regularly can enhance the quality of your life tenfold. If you are unable to go to sleep or to stay asleep this session can change your entire life. I have had many patients on extremely strong medications come to me, try this session, and then be able to remove themselves from the pharmaceutical world just to get a good night’s sleep.