Quit Smoking Forever



15 Minute Relaxation Session For Smokers

For many smokers this is the part that is left out of most programs. Tobacco for many years has been use as a coping mechanism for the stresses in our life, for anger relief, and just a way to relax. This session is designed to be used each and every time we feel the need for a cigarette or tobacco use of any kind in order to cope with outside issues. Taking just a few minutes to allow the mind to relax can be extremely helpful in maintaining a non-smoking life. For many of my patients this session made the difference for them becoming a permanent non-smoker.

Self Confidence

Many times I find that a person has a lack of confidence in their own ability and this is what is holding them back from the many achievements they are capable of obtaining. On several of these occasions their lack of confidence is due to something that has had a devastating effect on them in their past. Maybe it was an embarrassing moment or a time where they were not as prepared as they should've been. Through this recorded session we will identify what is holding them back, nullify it, and help them to achieve the confidence they need to begin a new life where nothing is keeping them from achieving their dreams. I truly hope that you see the results that you are capable of achieving after you have listened to this recorded session.

Instant Stress Relief – Free Audio

This is one of my favorite sessions. This is a session that any person can use. Removing excess stress from your life can have monumental results. This is a beginning point to many of our future sessions the results of which can provide a life free of past and future stress. Knowing that you have this tool at your disposal can give you a newfound confidence in your career, your family life, in fact your entire life. I hope you enjoy this session for the rest of your life as my gift to you.

Reducing Stress to Regain Your Life

This session while similar to many of my other stress reduction sessions, this one in particular deals with us stress levels beyond the norm. When a person stress level begins to affect their entire life and starts to have affects on their health it is time for a stronger measure to be taken. Many times a highly stressful job, school, or personal relationships, can create an environment where a person feels that they can no longer cope with the level of stress they are feeling. Too often I have seen this create health issues that can be easily rectified by identifying the area of stress that is creating their issue and finding ways of reducing or eliminating the cause. I have seen serious health issues completely disappear once this factor is under control. This is serious medicine and not one to be taken lightly the mind many times tells us that what we are experiencing has to change. Mind-body science is exploring this daily. It is my goal to help you get through the stressful times and emerge a happier person in the future.

Stop Smoking Now – Power Boost

During the initial process of removing tobacco from your life, many people find that a daily boost possibly in the morning, maybe midday, and after our evening meal, can have a positive effect on our ability to stay focused on the end result. This session is designed to be short, quick, and effective. Continue to use this session as often as necessary in conjunction with the 15 min. relaxation session for smokers. By having this quick release of stress available at your fingertips your ability to quit smoking will be greatly enhanced.

Stop Smoking Now – Session 1

This is the main session for starting your new journey. He uses aversion techniques, stress techniques, relaxation techniques to bring your mind to the point that it does not need to smoke. We all know the number of deaths that are attributed to smoking, how it can affect our families, what kind of example that sets for our children and those around us, and that the idea of becoming a non-smoker is just good for everyone involved.

Stop Smoking Now-Session 2

This session is an enhancement to session 1 with progressively stronger and stronger statements throughout the session. The ability to reach the subconscious mind at the deepest level will in turn give the best chance for success. It is very important that you listen to these two sessions, session 1 and session 2, totally undisturbed. I'm sure you will be convinced that you two can become a member of the non-smoking population. With the sessions the process will be much easier and your success is on the horizon. Welcome to the new non-smoking world.