Intro – Results Not Typical


Results Not Typical

In this recession I talk about how my sessions can provide results to you that are far beyond your wildest expectations.

Regression Preparation

One of the most rewarding areas of my practice is when I can help the patient get past something that’s happened to them many years previously.

Lewis Heller and Sam Meranto Double Session

In this somewhat impromptu hypnosis session, myself and longtime hypnotist Sam Meranto, did a joint session covering a vast array of self-improvement areas. We felt that the end result provided Sam's 50+ years of experience along with my 20+ years of experience and medical knowledge into one amazing recording. If you've ever heard the song dueling banjos, this is equivalent using straight hypnosis. I truly hope that you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime session. Sam and I have been talking about doing this for over 15 years and we finally completed it.

Self Confidence

Many times I find that a person has a lack of confidence in their own ability and this is what is holding them back from the many achievements they are capable of obtaining. On several of these occasions their lack of confidence is due to something that has had a devastating effect on them in their past. Maybe it was an embarrassing moment or a time where they were not as prepared as they should've been. Through this recorded session we will identify what is holding them back, nullify it, and help them to achieve the confidence they need to begin a new life where nothing is keeping them from achieving their dreams. I truly hope that you see the results that you are capable of achieving after you have listened to this recorded session.