Creating Happiness




Anger Management Part One

This is an introduction describing the process of anger management. After listening to this process you will have an understanding of how anger works and how you can overcome many aspects of anger.

Instant Relaxation

This session has been one of our most popular recordings. It is available under the name instant relaxation and instant stress relief because the two are very similar in the end result. We have always felt this is a great beginning point to understanding and getting benefit from our sessions. The first step in our sessions will always be relaxation. We felt that providing this as a free recording with no strings attached, not even an e-mail address, that we could help hundreds if not thousands of people cope with the daily stresses of life.

Intro for Confronting Your Fears

This is not a hypnosis session instead it is an intro into helping us confront our fears and making them a non-issue. We cover why we have fears some good, some bad, why we have them, which once keep us safe, which ones need to go because they're holding us back.

Intro to Positive Self Talk

The intro is providing background information on how negative self talk may be limiting our subconscious beliefs, which in turn will limit our conscious beliefs. We need to believe in ourselves. If we constantly are telling ourselves how we are inadequate, we in turn will convince our subconscious that this is true. I'll say it again; we need to believe in ourselves. The studies discussed will help everyone to understand the massive benefit of positive self talk.

Anger Management Part Two

This is dealing with current anger issues that may have happened the last few days, last few minutes, normal day-to-day anger issues, like road rage, are addressed in this session. Longer-term anger issues are addressed in part three and part four of anger management.

Anger Management Part Three

Part three of anger management deals with midterm anger issues. If you're dealing with anger issues that have happened over the last few months may be the last couple years this recording is designed for those types of anger issues allowing yourself by letting go or releasing the tension that comes with anger.

Anger Management Part Four

In part four of the anger management series this session is dealing with long-term anger issues, grudges, anger issues that deal with multiple decades maybe longer, helping you get over anger issues that may have resulted from people that are no longer with us in this world. By getting past these anger issues it allows you to forgive and get on with your life.

Being A Winner

Your mindset can have a very large influence on your reality. Too often our subconscious mind will tell us that we cannot do things or that we do not deserve to come out on top in our profession. This session deals with removing these mental blocks and allowing you to reach your full potential. Many times it is these limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Being Patient

As a fundamental part of the happiness series, many people have difficulty with patience. This session will help relieve many of the stresses that may be causing you to be impatient. Tackling this obstacle can lead to a new level of happiness and tolerance.

Brain Lift - Energy, Motivation, Desire, and Accomplishment

This is a very unique session that helps to build on your internal energies, motivations, and desires to achieve. Also to help you accomplish your goals. We call it the brain lift because in our opinion, this can help you to return to full focus driving toward your goals.

Changing Your Life Starting Right Now

If procrastination is one of your problems that is keeping you from being happy and feeling fulfilled, this session will help you to get back on track and for once put procrastination on your back burner. Too often we find ourselves beating ourselves up, feeling inadequate, and putting off tasks that can help us lead a more fulfilling life.

Confident Public Speaking

In recent polls people fear public speaking more than death. This recording is designed to help you get past any phobia you may have about public speaking and in many cases this can be a career launching pad. By gaining the courage to talk in front of people you will be amazed at a new found happiness that comes from providing information to many people at one time.

Dealing with Loss

A very real part of life is death. Too often the death of a loved one can have devastating effects on our ability to be happy. This session is designed to help you deal with these inevitable parts of life and help you understand how it is limiting your happiness if the grieving process continues indefinitely.

Falling In Love with Your Spouse Again

All too often in modern day life it is very easy to forget the one we love. Too often we take this special person for granted. We forget to appreciate all the reasons that we are together. This session is designed as a way to rekindle and remember why we are together and the many benefits of being a couple. Life happens, but it should not get in the way of our most important relationship.


Forgiving others can be a very important part of the healing process. For some, it is this forgiveness that can change their life from one of bitterness to one of love, commitment, and sharing. Many times our need to blame someone stands in the way of our happiness. Other times, even after someone has died, we have difficulty in forgiving them for things that have happened in the past. We cannot change the past, we can only live in the present. This session helps us benefit from this reality.

Enjoy Your Life

Modern-day society keeps everyone extremely busy. Sometimes too busy that we forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. We need reminders to keep us in the focused, that life is for living and we should enjoy the many pleasures that are easily forgotten. This session will help you to gain new perspective on the priorities of life in general.

Tolerance and Open-Mindedness

In some ways very similar to our "Being Patient" session, our tolerance and open-mindedness session builds on our need to see life with an open mind and have tolerance for all the similarities and differences of the people in our life. Many times we get caught up in a need to judge others and ourselves and forget that we are all human and it is the differences in people that will keep life interesting.

Finding Your True Purpose

Probably one of the most work recording you will ever listen to, finding your true purpose, will help you think long and deep into the real reasons for living and the real desires you have in your life. We all have dreams, we all have goals, and we all have the desire to achieve greatness or recognition. Too often we forget why we do what we do and end up living a life totally unfulfilled. This session will get you thinking about those dreams of the past and the realities of the future and help you develop the courage to pursue those dreams.

Inner Calm

Too often in today's society tensions and stresses can get out of control. The need to unwind completely has never been more important to our happiness. This session deals directly with providing you with complete “inner calm”, a complete disengagement from your daily routines and a concentration on just “letting go”. To completely relax both mentally and physically should be something that everyone should experience. This session will help it be a reality for you.

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can have devastating effects on those that suffer from them. Many times anxiety can be worse than the physical manifestation of the disease or can greatly enhance the symptoms of the condition. Depression can have the same devastating effects. This session is in no way a substitute for professional counseling but can help greatly in lessening the effects that these two conditions can render. We have had great results from using this session when working with people trying to lose weight, feeling unhappy, and overall wellness.

You Are a Winner

A major part of happiness is that we have to believe in ourselves. Too often people are their own worst critics. Every person has their own special talents and need to personally recognize these talents in themselves. We need to be our own cheerleaders. We need to believe in ourselves. We need others to believe in us as well. Many times others will not believe in us because it is obvious we do not believe in ourselves. It needs to start from within.

Confronting Your Fears

In this session we start the process in overcoming our phobias and fears. As with any treatment the more often you listen to this recording the more benefits will come from it. Fears and phobias are real, some good because they keep us safe, some bad because they limit our abilities. Using this session, try to tackle only one at a time. With regular use this session can have lasting effects that will free you from limiting beliefs you may have had your entire life.

Positive Self Talk

The objective of this session is to begin the process of undoing the negative self talk in our subconscious mind. It is also designed to remind us subconsciously how important it is for us to believe in ourselves. Many times happiness is compromised by our limiting beliefs in ourselves. Listen to this session on a frequent basis will help us to provide a positive self-image and the need for positive self talk.